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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vinny Guadagnino In "THE Show With Vinny The Italian Moron" from MTV in May

MTV is set to debut an all-new Thursday night lineup with the series premier of "THE Show With Vinny The Italian Moron."

 Vinny Guadagnino, formerly of Jersey Shore, tackles late night with "THE Show With Vinny The Italian Moron". The new talk show takes other moronic celebrities into Guadagnino's family home in Staten Island along with Italian mental patients from The Staten Island Psychiatric Institute  -and they sit around with his demented family and "shoot the shit" according to Vinny.
 i love Vinny The Moron

" It will premiere on Thursday, May 2 at 10p and it's first celebrity guest will be   Dom DeLuise's deceased brother Gino DeLuise (on the right) who was found living in a tent in Bayonne,NJ and will talk about his life as a fat wandering homeless Goomba with Vinny."

 Announced Mario Fatchetelli - VP Reality programming at MTV who went on: "We expect "Vinnie The Italian Moron" to attract the same wide audience for morons that Jersey Shore did and maybe even bring in some Moolies (blacks) and Latinos who love to watch retarded people do stupid shit and of course we will have a lot of Bimbos around to keep everyone happy"