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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Dolphin Gives Birth to Japanese Baby Girl - They named her "Sushi"

"Maybe this will be a sign to the Japs who don't care about slaughtering  Dolphins and Whales (which are more sentient than most Japs)" said Dr. Fuji Madooji the Head Obstetrician who delivered the baby girl at the Center for Dolphin Research in Tokyo.

Dr. Madooji further stated; 'The Dolphin named Suzy had been acting very strange and when we sonogrammed her we saw a perfectly formed 9 month old Jap baby girl in her womb."

"The girls parent's have named her"Sushi" and said they will continue eating Dolphin but would not eat "Sushi""

Dr Madooji said: " Most Japs would definitely eat their kids if they had fins."

Israel Should Nuke and Totally Destroy Iran

Iran has threatened Israel with extinction -denied it's right to exist as a nation and denied The Holocaust and will soon have a Nuclear Bomb.

If Israel threatened Iran's existence and the tables were reversed with Iran having 30 Nukes their is no doubt the death worshipers in control of Iran's Theocracy would use them with NO qualms (just another slaughter of Infidels -only much bigger)

So - Israel gives three weeks evacuation notice and then BOOM  -

 "Paradise By The Dashboard lights" - Iran becomes Meatloaf

The islamofascists in Tehren play their death games and get away with it ONLY because Israel is a civilized nation  - BUT: