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Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Out With A Bang!" Plan Endorsed By AARP



“Everyone sees it but no one wants to talk about About $67 billion — nearly a third of the money spent by Medicare — goes to patients in the last two years of life. The need to spend less money at the end of life “is the elephant in the room,” Evan Thomas wrote in “The Case for Killing Granny,” the cover story in last week’s Newsweek. “Everyone sees it but no one wants to talk about

Dr. Pipick continued: "Under the 'Go Out With A Bang!" plan - If you have less than three years to live - -THen - instead of wasting away and being shlepped from one test and one Doctor to another -and then finally and inevitably expiring with your loved ones broke while watching you turn into a dead cabbage roll:

"You can "Go Out With A Bang" - Yep -we'll give you a cash payment (twenty percent of what your treatment would have been) and ALL the drugs and/or booze you want - including synthetic Viagra which will turn your libido back 50 years -AND then you have access to all the Male and/or Female hookers you desire until the deal terminates!

Pipick concluded; " The savings wil result in the average medical plan costing most folks under three -hundred dollars a year -And that's with universal coverage - including illegal aliens!"

Republican leaders said "This will save the economy" And The Tea Partu called it a breakthrough in controlling medical costs."

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Zionists are as Cookoo as The fucking Mullahs or any Priests

 Hi -I am a fucking Zealot -vote Romney
 me too
Prominent Religious Zionism Rabbi Eliezer Melamed calls on American citizens to support Republican presidential hopeful. 'Obama has proved he is not a true friend of Israel,' he states 

In an unusual statement on US affairs, the rabbi argued that "the true friends of Israel" must be supported both in the presidential election and in the Congressional and Senate elections.

Oh  -and i am a total supporter of Israel -but they have to put the screws to these theocratic bullies who rant and pray to some tooth fairy in the sky - while those who won their freedom and security with balls and sweat and tears and brains did/do all the heavy lifting -as usual and have to live and die in the real world -not some tribal fantasy.

Oh - and that is not to revere and respect The Talmudic tradition of learning and respect for law and basic goodness and virtue that has sustained the Jews since their expulsion in 70BCE from the same Temple they  pray at as we speak.

 Baruch Spinoza
the Jews flourished and survived because they were lucky enough to have their Priest Class oblitered - nutsos like the Zionist Rabbi Eliezer Malamed -and replaced with wise men who respected secular and democratic values -The great Rebbe Scholars/ Philosopher tradition. (Spinoza -Maimonedes )
 it's ok to eat pussy on The Sabath