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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Eustace Conway Cornholes Grizzly On History Channel -Where History LIVES

New wilderness series   Extreme GAY Mountain Men debuts May 31 at 10p on HISTORY.  The eight-episode series follows Eustace Conway, who has lived more than 25 years off the land in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains and other mountain men who have chosen to live off the grid and follow a GAY wilderness lifestyle.  

Conway does his own lumbering, tanning and blacksmithing and lives primarily on what he can grow, fish or hunt OR STEAL.  The series also profiles Tom Oar who lives on the Yaak River in Montana and Marty Meierotto who lives in the northern range of Alaska AND we will see plenty of Brokeback Mountain cornholing  - wilderness style.

In one scene we see Conway and Tom and Marty lined up humping Wild Mountain Sheep holding on to their horns as they try to buck free.

"My goal is to cornhole a Grizzly!" said Conway -but i'll settle for Tom and Marty while forging a raging River  anyday -heh heh"

"It is a very unique way to communicate with the Natural World and we know our History audience will be very engaged with this program" said Conrad Dickle - VP programming at The History Channel