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Friday, June 19, 2015

Bernie Mania and The End of Bullshit as Truth

Folks are in shock! They're hearing honesty for the first time!

 It might cause strokes as it reverberates through a land of complete bullshit! 

Nothing will make sense! 

 At first They'll think it's all a lie because they only know bullshit.

This is gonna be very traumatic!

What;s this old Jew saying?

Could he be right????

They'll think it's all a lie at first BUT will wonder??? 

What if we've been bullshitted all along??

 Now  they only know bullshit and think THAT is the Truth!

 They'll wonder some more!

Is this some new kind of truth and bullshit is bullshit????

This is gonna be very traumatic!

Folks will be pissed!!!

The Bullshitters will try more and better bullshit!

The revolution will begin!

Carpe Diem and The Search for The Clitoris

 AND now everyone is looking for meaning. 

Boo hoo hoo why am i here boo hoo? 

Why am i not fulfilled boo hoo? 

Why does my wife have a dick and not me? 

boo hoo hoo. 

I'm not on the right path boohoohoo? -

Get some fcking Carpe Diem going will  you?

You! weak assholes!

Dylan Roof's Cornholed Future -As Some Psychopaths Bitch!

 Please No More