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Thursday, July 16, 2015

TLC announces "The Lives of Attichus Finch"

 The Japaneses Are Killing  My Friends

As the psychoanalysis of a purely literary creation drones on endlessly in the media we see how consumed by our reality show cultural. zeitgeist we are.

Atticus Finch steps out of the authors imagination and LIVES among us!

He's doing literary analysis on Fox News along with his gig on TLC!

Next up Hamlet? Where would he have stood on Brown vs Board of Education?

Captain Ahab weighs in on Japan's slaughtering of Whales!

What absolute inanity! Boo Hoo Hoo - i want my earlier Atticus.

I want all of my literary characters to leave the imaginary context of their narratives and be psychoanalyzed and then join The Karddashians and Honey BooBoo on TLC! 

OH where's my Ritalin gone off to now?