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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gay's are Disgusting BUTT We love Them Anyway

I love the fact that American's are willing to accept an aberrant lifestyle and go beyond the redneck morality of the bible when it comes to enforcing tolerance at the constitutional level

Procreation -the most vital and elementary force in evolution has been driven for a billion years by a MALE getting stimulated sexually by a FEMALE and vice versa -BE it from

bright plumage or a bigger set of antlers - or a mating call - or a nice ass and tits.

Gay men on the other hand stick their dicks into each others assholes (like in shit holes) to pleasure each other and then go out and have a nice dinner (oh and the anal canal does not work well as a placenta so in terms of "nature" it's pretty "unfriendly" for survival of the

OH -and I don't give a shit if anyone wants to fuck and marry an Elephant (as long as it's consensual) but let's get real - let's just say it outloud here - for most men the thought of getting fucked in the ass or blown by another man is one step
below fucking your grandmother.

SO -This is the first real evidence in human history that we as a species may be willing to go beyond the supernatural for our sources of  clarity and wisdom and commensurate codes of conduct and justice - 
including tolerance for disgusting lifestyles.

Fuck who you want -when you want -however you want as long as it's consensual and
does no harm - and no kids are hearing or watching.

Oh - Sorry -i forgot -i didn't mention lesbians - who are just totally cool! - And when they grow cocks the world will be safe at last!