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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mad Muslim Joyless Mullahs - Psychopaths Filled With Hatred

Art and history?  -no!  -Science and Biology and Chemistry -huh?  - Music and Poetry? - Dance? Comedy? Satire?  -Literature? Philosophy?   -ALL NO!  - Sex??? alternative life styles? Gotta be kidding- all repugnant to these Koranic Bible Belters.

 It's the same old  Preacher/Mullah male narcissistic-my way or the highway - lifeless zestless narrow anti science anti nature brainwashed intolerant repressed repressive angry male dominated fascist mind smothering hypocritical eternity junky - way of life.

The Religious Zealots and their brainwashed intellectually challenged sheep flock followers - they are all fanaticks/psychopaths -women haters - ungentle and unkind -brainwashed from cradle to grave.

 They LOVE LOVE GUNS!  - love tribal conflict - love love Punishment -LOVE a vengeful and angry and narcissistic and insecure God (their mirror image) - Hate writers and poets and queers and newcomers and  ALL Infidels - - love to be mean - and hate and or deny and condemn almost everything that makes a normal human being want to get out of bed on a rainy Monday morning- or feel the joy of fellowship and compassion - and the bountiful harvest of diversity and beauty in life.

We better get these psychos before they get us!

Jesus Christ Was Married To A Ball Breaker

 why me?
Professor Karen L. King, in her office at Harvard Divinity School, held a fragment of papyrus that she says contains a reference to Jesus' wife.
The ink on the front side contains eight lines, dark enough to be legible. Line 4 purportedly says, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife is a Fucking Ballbreaker.” 
“It’s obviously an important find,” said Carl R. Holladay, professor of New Testament studies at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University.
Also, he added, “The circumstances in which it’s come to light really require all scholars to realize that Jesus was another man who suffered from wife ballbreaking" ”
Dr. King has reiterated that the fragment is  proof that Jesus was married because it was found shortly before his death, making it historically reliable. 
The finding has prompted “Jesus Was Married” headlines around the world — and jokes about Mrs. Jesus’ “honey-do” list.
The papyrus fragment, which measures only about 1 ½ by 3 inches, is written in Coptic that Dr. King says is consistent with writing seen in fourth-century Egypt. It is roughly rectangular, torn on all four sides, so that each line of text is incomplete. 
Other phrases in the text suggest that it is an account of a dialogue between Jesus and his disciples, Dr. King maintains. According to her translation, Line 3 includes the words “She  is hot but somewhat of a bitch .” Line 5, immediately after the line about Jesus’ wife, says, “...she will be able to be my disciple.” Line 7 says, “As for me, I dwell with her in order to get laid and relax therein and that fag Paul is going to hate her.”
Dr. King, who holds a chair at Harvard Divinity School, has written extensively about the Gospels of Mary, Judas and Philip, relatively recent discoveries that are not a part of the established biblical canon. Even before this week, Dr. King was a favorite target of religious leaders who seek to alter the truth to protect the Church Dogma.