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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mad Muslim Joyless Mullahs - Psychopaths Filled With Hatred

Art and history?  -no!  -Science and Biology and Chemistry -huh?  - Music and Poetry? - Dance? Comedy? Satire?  -Literature? Philosophy?   -ALL NO!  - Sex??? alternative life styles? Gotta be kidding- all repugnant to these Koranic Bible Belters.

 It's the same old  Preacher/Mullah male narcissistic-my way or the highway - lifeless zestless narrow anti science anti nature brainwashed intolerant repressed repressive angry male dominated fascist mind smothering hypocritical eternity junky - way of life.

The Religious Zealots and their brainwashed intellectually challenged sheep flock followers - they are all fanaticks/psychopaths -women haters - ungentle and unkind -brainwashed from cradle to grave.

 They LOVE LOVE GUNS!  - love tribal conflict - love love Punishment -LOVE a vengeful and angry and narcissistic and insecure God (their mirror image) - Hate writers and poets and queers and newcomers and  ALL Infidels - - love to be mean - and hate and or deny and condemn almost everything that makes a normal human being want to get out of bed on a rainy Monday morning- or feel the joy of fellowship and compassion - and the bountiful harvest of diversity and beauty in life.

We better get these psychos before they get us!