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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American's Who Get Bailout Aid Should Not Eat Ice Cream

Or drink soda or beer - or any booze - or eat any desert - or watch or rent movies - or use disposable diapers - or buy toys - and NO unecessary travel - and absolutely no unprotected sex - no caffeine - no premium cable -no unecessary recreation - you want excercise go for a walk>

Hey - We solvent American's who saved for a rainy day do not want to pay for your Obama freeebies!

At least the wall street folks and bankers who fucked us get some business return on their business partying -but you greedy losers are still spending your way deeper into this shithole - on crap and crapola you don't absolutely need - believing us suckers will bail you out.

Well wer'e pissed - and we ants don't want to pay for your grasshopper lifestyles anymore.

Oh - and no more lottery cards - and coffee - and drugs - and even premium toilet paper - and text messeging fees - or high speed cable (go to the library) -And no more video games and itunes and...

Hey - your'e on the fucking dole - you don't get any more goodies you can't afford (or need)!

Just like the bankers and insurance and car companies and all those bums that are on the dole - your right in the shithole next to them!

Get a big shovel and start digging - the rest of us are tired of bailing you out!

And no more haircuts and beauty parlor bullshit - get a scissors!

Oh -and buy some candles!

Have a giant yard sale - sell all your unecessary crap and spend your Obamadollars frugally - only on the necessities - and