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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HBO Doc Re Clinton will Show Sex and Monica's Blow Job

 Billy Says i could Suck The Chrome off a Trailer Hitch
HBO's upcoming Bill Clinton doc to be directed by Martin Scorsese
A new HBO documentary about former President Bill Clinton will be directed by Martin Scorsese. The film, which is being made with the cooperation of Clinton, will focus on his presidency and subsequent work around global health issues, world economies and the environment.AND:

Scorcese said today in Hollwood;"And you know i don't pull any punches when i direct SO you WILL get to see a lot of sucking and fucking in this documentary along with the political and humanitarian shit - wouldn't be fair to Bill otherwise."

Marine on Knees Proposing Marriage Scares Jihadists Shitless

 To all those Islamic Fighters doing their best to slaughter us Infidels - Look at what you will be facing out there and know your end is in sight AND Congratulations to U.S. Marine Corps captain Matthew Phelps, who proposed to his partner Ben Schock in the White House over the weekend.

Wrote Phelps: "Such a special night surrounded by wonderful people in an amazing place, and the best is still yet to come with Ben Schock. Thanks for all the wonderful greetings and messages, and thanks to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for lending us your home for the occasion!"
Towleroad readers may recall Phelps as the Marine who last year shared a very inspiring story with us about taking a date to the Marine Corps Ball.