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Friday, April 03, 2015

Conservative White Christian Males Deeply Frustrated! -Forced to Settle for Fours and Fives -if they Are Lucky

Red State White Christian Males - Angry and Frustrated By Evolution and Attractive Females
It took 3.5 billion years to create us -we have more connections in our brains than particles in the universe -our bodies contain 60 trillion cells AND our entire biological directive (purpose for existing) is to reproduce - to send our genes downstream into the vast furnace of existence AS nature programmed us and all living eukaryotic cellular entities to seek a mate and to procreate!
AND those female mates are programmed to be attractive to a male

AND here is the problem for most Southern Christian Men - those females are programmed to be attracted to THOSE MALES with the strongest indicators of being able to produce strong offspring AND to nurture them SOOOOO???
In the Animal Kingdom the females look for the brightest plumage as those indicators of healthy genetics and overall reproductive strength - AND IN THE HUMAN KINGDOM these attractive females ALSO look for physical attractiveness ( human plumage) - BUT TODAY!!!!!
With cultural evolution - AND here's the real kick in the nuts Homer - the gals look for signs of success like EDUCATION - INTELLIGENCE - AND - FINANCIAL STABILITY - SOOO - if you were a non or fairly attractive male (fat and kinda goofy is not strong plumage in any case) with a shitty or even meager kinda job and you had no financial stability (let alone a pile of dough and bling) and were not too SMART like most Southern Christian Men :
you USED to be able to hook up with a kinda fairly attractive mate BUT those days are over Clem!
and for sure you are never gonna fuck that 8-9 0r 10 (or any chick remotely in that vicinity) that you dream about AND THAT all those OTHER guys - (mostly from Blue States which really hurts) ARE hooking up with AND SOO - you all become obsessed with other things to take your minds off the core problem:
ya all's lack of desireability by and repellant nature to - hot females
By Joining in with and forming up in groups with other Similar Male's who also like you will NEVER get that attractive mate
A "We Only Get Three's and Four's" Fraternity of Southern White Conservative Frustrated and Angry Christian Men

Sharing that anger and other obsessions and other Moronic behavior which act as coping mechanisms (which take the sting out of your crushed balls) - LIKE:
Guns - Rabid Religion - Paranoid Conspiracies - Hunting - and Nascar (lot's of noisy shit is a good distraction)) - Drugs and Booze - Violent Treatment of Kids and Wives - Crime - etc. - Oh well you get the picture dontcha Mervin?

Sorry Guys - You are a bunch of losers -stick with the fours!
OH -and just extend this Male Loser syndrome driven by sexual rejection across the Globe and you can see it's deadly ramifications ESPECIALLY in places where 99% of The Male Population are considered COMPLETE genetic losers by the hottest females which is why they lock women up and treat them like shit!

TLC Seeks Young Gals To have Oral and Anal Sex With Rich Saudi's

TLC is seeking young unmarried teens (or even some married pregnant teens) who would like to marry a rich Saudi Arabian for a cable network show
AND would be willing to blow them and have Anal Sex in an audition for this new exciting Reality Show on The Learning Channel
Myron Schlockmaster VP Programming said today; "Talk about LEARNING! I mean is this a great opportunity to expand your learning or what?"
He went on; "If anything represents what The learning Channel is all about well -this show about says it all!"
He concluded; "These young needy gals will get a chance to experience life in a new country and make big bucks! - OH -and next up we will be looking for young men and offering the same great LEARNING experience!"

If interested email tlccasting@gmail.com and include a bio of with names, ages, occupations and city of residence.