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Friday, July 24, 2015

Laugh at an Asshole AND They are soon Diminished and then Destroyed!

My Insight for Today - Intelligent Scorn will save Humanity
As the world population becomes richer and freer it will become a gigantic universal audience for intelligent sarcasm/satire.
One big Daily Show where nothing skewers and isolates the universal schmucks like penetrating ribald scorn irony and satire!
And NO ONE does this better than the West which is how they will ultimately destroy the male beasts that have been preying on and feasting on the weak rabble since the dawn of time.
Courage and strength and action will derive from the simple awareness of how fucking obtuse and schmucky are the morons who pose as macho tyrants and demagogues and political leaders.

Just ask any enlightened Baby Boomer or ANY Gen x or Millenial in America about the GOP!

Laugh at an asshole and they are soon diminished and then destroyed!