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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Divine Intervention" -Rabbis Turn Churches Into Synagogues on The Learning Channel

 We love TLC
The Channel for LEARNING BULLSHIT has added  another non learning experience to it's lineup of shows designed to educate morons with shit only they will comprehend.

 TLC has ordered six one-hour episodes of Divine Intervention from Jewboys Group Productions. The series follows three Hasidick Rebbes (Meyer -Moyer and Mayer)  who scour America in search of churches and faith-based organizations that can be bought off and out and replaced with Hebrew organizations and Synagogues.
 I recommend this program

"It's one of those rare, feel good shows with cross-generational appeal," said Moishe  Pipick, President of Jewboys. 

"With humor and heart, the series takes the makeover genre into an  entirely new space."

Rebecca Twat VP of TLC announced: "These Jews are commited to eliminating as many Christian Churches as possible and we just felt that given the Church's two thousand year history of using it's spiritual power to persecute the Jews  this would make for dynamic programming."
 TLC Exec Twat says "Jews are cute!"
Jewboys Productions President Moishe Pipick announced today from Kat'z Deli on Houston Street In NYC:

"We want to thank the morons at The learning Channel for giving us an opportunity to fuck with The Goyim Trash on National Television "

He concluded; "As we say at Jewboys -one less Church is like eliminating a bedbug in your mind!" 
 come in -say a prayer -have a nice cornbeef sandwich instead of a fucking wafer