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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Digibandit: The Complete Cold Empty SUB Human THAT IS Donald T...

The Digibandit: The Complete Cold Empty SUB Human THAT IS Donald T...: http://roarfeminist.org/2017/03/27/donald-trump-has-no-values/ THIS is what makes my head spin: The president is not a moral figu...

Trump has an amazing asset! -He's a Carbon Copy of his followers!

His strength is a great one!

His emotional chaos - petty hatreds -lack of depth - insecurity - narcissism and complete lack of intellectual balance and rigor and his moral opacity:

IS a complete mirror image of around 30 million stupid americans who adore him and most of the GOP!

Friday, May 05, 2017

Every child that dies needing medications is a curse on all of us!

Cruelty 101
I don’t really care about theory, about which is the more efficient way to rein in costs, or to give families the most choices. To me, preserving the principle that people should not be punished for a fate they could not control seems fundamental.
At the end of the day, this is not about ideology. It’s about humanity.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Complete Cold Empty SUB Human THAT IS Donald Trump

THIS is what makes my head spin: The president is not a moral figure in any idiom, any land, any culture, any subculture. I’m not talking about the liberal enlightenment that would make him want the country to take care of the poor and sick. I mean he has no Republican values either. He has no honor among thieves, no cosa nostra loyalty, no Southern code against cheating or lying, none of the openness of New York, rectitude of Boston, expressiveness and kindness of California, no evangelical family values, no Protestant work ethic. No Catholic moral seriousness, no sense of contrition or gratitude. No Jewish moral and intellectual precision, sense of history. He doesn’t care about the life of the mind OR the life of the senses. He is not mandarin, not committed to inquiry or justice, not hospitable. He is not proper. He is not a bon vivant who loves to eat, drink, laugh. There’s nothing he would die for — not American values, obviously, but not the land of Russia or his wife or young son. He has some hollow success creeds from Norman Vincent Peale, but Peale was obsessed with fair-dealing and a Presbyterian pastor; Trump has no fairness or piety. He’s not sentimental; no affection for dogs or babies. No love for mothers, “the common man,” veterans. He has no sense of military valor, and is openly a coward about war. He would have sorely lacked the pagan beauty and capacity to fight required in ancient Greece. He doesn’t care about his wife or wives; he is a philanderer but he’s not a romantic hero with great love for women and sex. He commands loyalty and labor from his children not because he loves them, even; he seems almost to hate them — and if one of them slipped it would be terrifying. He does no philanthropy. He doesn’t—in a more secular key—even seem to have a sense of his enlightened self-interest enough to shake Angela Merkel’s hand. Doesn’t even affect a love for the arts, like most rich New Yorkers. He doesn’t live and die by aesthetics and health practices like some fascists; he’s very ugly and barely mammalian. Am I missing an obscure moral system to which he so much as nods? Also are there other people, living or dead, like him?

Virginia Heffernan writes regularly for The New York Times. Her most recent book, Magic and Loss (Simon & Schuster), reveals the logic and 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Please -Become aware that you are mostly an Ignorant Asshole

If you have not studied a topic thoroughly -if you have no expertise or experience in the subject matter -if you do not have the ability to make a learned objective judgement about an issue or subject

  1. THEN
Shut the fuck up and listen to folks who know what the fuck they are talking about!

I mean it's like someone telling you how to clean your gun who has never cleaned a gun or an outhouse or never abused a child.

You know as much about climate science or anything complex basically as your fcking pet hamster.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Religious Programming Lights Up Fall for Christian Schmucks

V Land’s The CornHole Man, debuting June 20,  whichwill try to capture the reality of all the Christian Fundamentalist hypocrisy and bullshitIt stars Cedric the Entertainer as a former R&B music star who returns to his Christian roots as pastor of his father’s church. The CornHole Manfocuses on the church  as a place for repressed sexual desires, rather than a house of religion, Jones said. “The whole idea of that was unique — in many ways we think about this not necessarily as a churchbased show but rather a workplace comedy that happens to be [in] a church.” 

When real-life religious leaders are spotlighted in TLC’s Preacher Wives — which looks at the lives of several Atlanta-based pastors and their spouses who love to hump farm animals — it’s told from a lifestyle perspective, rather than in religious tones. “Fundamentally our shows focus on the lifestyles and not necessarily the faith,” TLC general manager Amy Winter said. “I think the faith is the backbone of the lifestyle choices that we show throughout the series. I wouldn’t say we’re so focused on the religion itself; it’s just a piece of their lifestyle.”

We TV’s Mary Mary Where's my Dildo gives a behind the scenes look at the lives of the famed contemporary Gospel sister duo Erica and Tina Campbell. The Campbell sisters say that the lives of faith-based characters  who are lesbians have not been reflected in mainstream reality shows, but have appeal to viewers. We TV renewed the series for a second season after it averaged nearly 600,000 viewers in its freshman run. 

“It’s good to see people be verbal about their Christian faith … but living a normal life,” Tina Campbell said. “You’re not going to see us in the pulpit preaching and trying to perfect folks, but you’ll see us living a real life and having challenges and not be able to cope with  all the deviant sex with each other and animals.” 
Some networks are building shows directly around the Good Book itself. History will team with prolific reality series producer Mark Burnett to produce a five-hour, five-part series, The Bible Is ALL Bullshit 
The series will chronicle the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and will air sometime in 2013, according to network officials.

History president and general manager Nancy Dubuc said the Bible is one of the world’s most significant fairy tales  and the series will bring its stories “to life for a new generation.” 

With more than three-quarters of Americans identifying with some form of Christianity, Amy Introcaso-Davis, executive vice president of programming for GSN, said Christianity-themed programming is an untapped genre for cable. Later this year, GSN will introduce The American Bible Challenge, a new game show that challenges contestants on their knowledge of deviant homosexuality in the Bible.

“We see the American Bible Challenge as a authentic, fun way to reach that audience — it’s very fun and very relatable,” she said, adding that each episode of the Jeff Foxworthy- hosted show will feature a gospel choir fucking onstage. 

“There’s nothing hokey about it — it’s contemporary, so I think churches themselves have gone in a different direction, so the media is going to follow them in some way.”

 she said. “At the end of the day [religion] is bullshit — religion does touch your life even if you’re not a believer, so it’s natural that we should be exploring it in all parts of the media.”

Two sick scumbags have a conversation! -Trump and O'reilly


Trump "Hey buddy i know how great it is to grab their pussies when your a star and they can't do shit about it!"
O'reilly "Yeah i love grabbing their titties and watching their eyes light up!"

Trump "It's worth a few law suits which means nothin to guys like us."

O'reilly "Yeah the poor schmucks just don't get guys like us -LOL"

Tuesday, January 03, 2017