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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sarah Palin looks like she's on Meth and Booze

It had to happen!  - carrying all those fucked genes - trying to maintain her image as a normal human being - becoming irrelevent - even the Christian Rednecks think she's ten clicks off the Bachman Moron Scale -word is Todd has syphillus from fucking every Eskimo on The Bering Strait -her kids are mostly wacko - should be on suicide watch.

 WELL -That's one for The Wolves!!!!

Hall of Shame -Caine -Perry -Bachman- Santorum -Gingrich

 couldn't remember what dept he'd cut
 made up her own science
 morals of a Hyena
 god speaks to him
  Pizza Man caught with his pants down and loony tax sceme
Lest We forget

Romney Voters! - Creationists -Low IQ - Large BMI - Low Education and Income

It's amazing! Here's this perfectly handsome wealthy perfectly groomed whitey white man with two degrees from Harvard who is worth 200 million bucks and a hero of the financial barons and:

He loses virtually every fucking state except the Confederate South and Texas and Utah and a few other Redneck states -ALL dominated by fat ignorant Christian White folks.

Their IQ is 20% lower than the national average -their body mass indexes correlate to those morons you see screaming on "The price is Right" - and they are in the lower percentiles in terms of education and income!

What explains this? Look at Romney and his wife and kids and tell me how that could possibly be?

Here's the answer  - 

They are ignorant Racist Morons