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Monday, April 22, 2013

Wayne La Pierre "All Joggers should Carry Guns"

 guns would have stopped bombers

Wayne (La Puke)la Pierre head gun nut and moron of The NRA announced today:

'All those runners AND all the spectators should have been strapped! -if they were wearing guns the bombers would have been kilt!"

 Pig Eye Martin Exec VP NRA West Virginia
Maybe The NRA should sponsor a Marathon with all gun nuts -all armed -problem is not enough NRA members who can run much farther than the local bar.

Oh and all their Women gun nuts are home watchin "The Price is Right" snackin

Media Must Stop Coddling Muslims! - The Islamic Religion is Dangerous! The Koran is Dangerous! -Wake The Fuck Up!

WHERE is The Outrage against the Infidel haters among all those kind and loving Moslem Neighbors of ours?

New York: The Boston Marathon bombing suspect, who was killed in a shootout with the police, was reportedly a fan of a radical Australian Muslim cleric, who despises Harry Potter and preaches that rape victims only have themselves to blame.

The suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had posted a YouTube video of a 2007 British documentary called ' Undercover Mosque’, which shows the cleric Sheik Feiz Mohammad encouraging children to have a zeal for jihad and become martyrs for Islam, the New York Post reports. 

 the fact is that Moslems follow a Violent and Viscious theosophy that lends itself to death worship and anti infidel exploitation in the hands of their maniacal priests and leaders it's time to stop making apologies for all the "Good Muslims" who sit around blandly in America doing nothing about their radical brethren 
 they don't even protest against these outrages when they happen!