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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama says to Michelle Post Debate -'I'm just fed up with those Fucking Phony Lying Rich Cocksuckers""

WOW! Said NBC Senior Political Reporter for NBC after hearing the tape of Obama's post debate conversation with Michelle -who called her husband a "fucking Uncle Tom Nigga" for his performance.

"I wish he would have said that in the debate " said Todd "He would be ahead by 20 points right now!"

The tape revealed that after Michelle let him have it Obama replied:

"Shut your trap and go fuck with your diet shit and leave me alone!"

He went on: "You know i am fucking human -and i have to listen to these super wealthy Robber Barons like that phony fucking Romney - Mormon hedge fund  killer  of the 47%   - and sometimes i just want to reach out and fucking pull out his $500 haircut and kick him in his balls (except he probably has none)

Next week i am gonna tell folks "You want these fuckers to continue butt fucking you to get even richer? -Then vote for those two lying douchebags!"