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Friday, January 29, 2016

Attention all Jew/Israel haters!

"Palestinian leaders also have a responsibility to curb that hate — to cease incitement, hold elections, overcome divisions and abandon their sterile retreat into victimhood."

Well, they have had many chances to do just that beginning the the late 1940s. Neither they nor most of their Muslim brethren have been able to acknowledge the state of Israel -- nor can they admit that a Palestine larger than Israel was part of the bargain, with Jerusalem as an international city, and they blew it by launching wars against the Jews. 

At one point, land you've lost in a war of your own choosing gets forfeited.

And, let's face it: Israel returned the Sinai and Gaza, both of which were won, again, in wars begun by Muslims. And what happened? Instead of creating peaceful communities, Arabs made these areas staging grounds for terrorist attacks. Paid for by us. 

Unfortunately, as in many things, reality is what people make it. And Muslims have been very good at keeping Palestinians in refugee camps for all the world to see instead of integrating them.

With relatives and family friends who had to flee Turkey at the start of the last century, I'd be hard pressed to find any that stayed in refugee camps in Greece just to get back at the Ottomans.

ps.    When Jordan let the PLO in they tried to take it over and were expelled AND Lebanon denies them citizenship to this day! OH and with the world's ongoing slaughterhouses which make Israel look like Periclean Athens -- One wonders about all this focus on the Middle East's only tiny besieged democracy????????????? Moral relativism - Jew hatred and ignorance are the only explanation!