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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Backyard Burials Make Sense! - Home Cremations and Euthenasia Next?

The cost savings can be substantial, all the more important in an economic downturn.

The average American funeral costs about $6,000 for the services of a funeral home, in addition to the costs of cremation or burial. A home funeral can be as inexpensive as the cost of pine for a coffin (for a backyard burial) or a few hundred dollars for cremation or several hundred dollars for cemetery costs.

“I think with our economy being the way that it currently is, and it’s getting worse, that many people who may not have chosen to do these types of things may be forced to because of the finances,” said Verlene McLemore, of Detroit, who held a home funeral for her son, Dean, in 2007. She spent about $1,300 for a funeral director’s services.

Well -listen up my friends - because the digibandit predicts that the next big thing will be the creation of Home Crematoriums which will save a lot of burial labor - and:

You home do -it- yourself types can build combo home crematoriums and heating units - And - then offer a crematorium service for deceased pets and neighbors - AND - Save on your home heating and overall energy costs at the same time.

Now - You go and add Home Euthanasia practices to the above and you have enormous medical cost savings AND an additional supply of heat and energy.

I mean - instead of granny rotting away in some nursing home and getting abused by black nurses and eating up your kid's college money -you give her some tranquilizers - shove her into the crematorium;

And POOF - she helps keep you warm and healthy through the winter and reduces your electric bill. (just as she would want )

And -It's totally green!

Obama is right on - American ingenuity will put us back on top -in the time it takes to say:

"Hey gramps - try a sip of this"