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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Oklahahoma - New Home to Dickless Redneck Morons Carrying Guns in Public

Oklahoma is the place where “going postal” became an unfortunate American cliché a generation ago after 14 co-workers were shot dead by a postal worker who then killed himself. It is the 15th state to legalize open carry on the fatuous promise that public safety will be

Two dozen men with guns entered an Oklahoma City diner promptly at midnight on Wednesday, intent on inaugurating a pernicious new law allowing the state’s 142,000 citizens with concealed-handgun licenses to begin wearing their loaded weapons publicly. “I just feel more secure and safe,” Joe Wood, an aircraft mechanic, told The Oklahoman newspaper, his Taurus PT145 pistol ready for action against any sudden attack by the eggs and burgers. enhanced. The only obvious purpose is to allow macho gun enthusiasts — not true sportsmen — to display the intimidating power of the gun before the rest of the public, as was the case two years ago when protesters showed up at political gatherings with holstered weapons.

Can you fucking imagine the mentality of these redneck freaks just hoping they can get to shoot something -ANYTHING - just dying to prove they have a cock and balls - dying to make up for their weak shithole of a life.

their poor wives and kids