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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bloomberg To Charge Fat (carbon Imprint) Tax

Mayor Bloomberg wants to charge fat people (over 120 BMI) a  '"Fat Tax"

He said;"fat people have an excessive carbon imprint and not only do they increase ALL of our health premiums BUT they also emit way too much Carbon Dioxide"
He went on;"if you don't give a fuck about your own health and that of your children then we normal New Yorkers are going to charge you by the pound for your additional excess girth."

Obese and Smoking Workers To Pay The Price - Bout Time!

 Employers are increasingly looking to lower their health care costs by using incentives like cash rewards to persuade workers to make better lifestyle choices, according to survey findings released Monday.

CVS Caremark, the large pharmacy and drug-benefit provider, recently said it would require its employees to report their weight, blood sugar and cholesterol or be forced to pay an annual penalty of $600. It also will require that smokers try to quit.
Several other major employers, including Home Depot, PepsiCo and Wal-Mart, have also adopted such policies.

A separate Aon Hewitt survey offered some evidence that incentive programs can change behaviors. That survey, of workers who had taken a questionnaire and then received suggestions for improving their health, found that nearly two-thirds made at least one positive change. The employee survey was conducted in partnership with the National Business Group on Health and the Futures Company, a consulting firm. 

Next up should Be Medicaid Recipients