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Monday, September 24, 2012

Southern Rednecks Are Still Fucking Rascists -and still getting Cornholed by The GOP

The reason Romney has a strong, 13-point edge among all white working class voters, according to the P.R.R.I. findings, is that in the South his margin is huge. In the rest of the country, the white working class is much more closely divided.
Among southern working class whites, Romney leads by 40 points, 62-22, an extraordinary gap.

In the rest of the country working class whites have become tired of being played like Violins by the Rich Whitey Conservative Republicans and are realizing that :

"We -are the working stiffs -why in the fuck would we vote for them?"

The old "use the poor and working class by demonizing the Progressives"game may be coming to an end BUT:

Not in the South where the white trash descendents of the other poor schmucks who got slaughtered for The Southern Aristocracy during The Civil War:

STILL don't understand the GAME!  - AND they are getting Cornholed just like they deserve.

They just cain't unnerstand a nigga in da WHITE House - bunch of fucking White Christian Fundamentalist Morons! -Always were -always will be.