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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sarah Palin Has Terminal Venereal Disease from Fucking Eskimos

Well at last we know where Sarah palin has dissapeared to:

our sources found out she has been admitted to The Anchorage Venereal Disease Ward and has been diagnosed with Terminal Clap!

Tod Palin said; "I told her to stop fucking Eskimos but she just loved to get banged in an igloo out there on the tundra"

"She told me that she never felt like a moron when she 
was fucking Eskimos and blamed the press for her clap"

Now there's something the press has never been blamed for before

North Korea Leader offers To Cook BO - as Peace Offering

 Dog meat Keeps North Koreans Strong
 please don't eat us
 North Korean Moronic leader

Suk Mai Kok -head palace chef - said; "The Obama's made a very wise choice in selecting a Portuguese Water Dog -The only other dog that is more succulent and tasty is maybe a young Golden Retriever that has been marinated for four days in pig urine -and then roasted slowly for five hours at 225 degrees"

He continued : "Our Glorious leader sees the selection of this tasty dog by the White House as a symbol of a new attitude towards North Korea -and has the potential to unlock our differences over the Nuclear issues:"
He concluded; "Any US President that would choose a rare and delicious Portuguese Water Dog as a feast for his children -is well on the way to creating a meaningful dialogue with North Korea."