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Thursday, April 16, 2009

North Koreans Offer To Cook Bo For Obama's

Ill Jong Cock - North Korea's demented ruler has offered the services of his palace chefs to turn the Obamas new puppy BO into a North Korean specialty - Baked and Pickled Portuguese Water Dog with sauteed hog balls.

Suk Mai Kok -head palace chef - said; "The Obama's made a very wise choice in selecting a Portuguese Water Dog -The only other dog that is more succulent and tasty is maybe a young Golden Retriever that has been marinated for four days in pig urine -and then roasted slowly for five hours at 225 degrees"

He continued : "Our Glorious leader sees the selection of this tasty dog by the White House as a symbol of a new attitude towards North Korea -and has the potential to unlock our differences over the Nuclear issues:"

he concluded; "Any US President that would choose a rare and delicious Portuguese Water Dog as a feast for his children -is well on the way to creating a meaningful dialogue with North Korea."