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Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Crapfest -Shop till you Drop - For needless Crap!

Black Friday Ditty
Let's go out and buy some crap we
can't afford or need
Eat all the plants and animals
who cares about about the seed?

Lifeplan -Buy more Crap!
Nothing saved for catastrophe -No college fund NO Insurance:
BECAUSE it Never rains in Schmuckland USA -LOL

Savings? - HUH? Cigarettes and Beer and Drugs cost me and Clem $700 right there alone. -Then theres all them blingy sales and all those phones and shit and THEN i gotta feed the lil ones?

(Elizabeth Warren offered a bit of advice during her time as a professor: Spend 50 percent on needs, 30 percent on wants and 20 percent on savings.)