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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Republicans Gather in Las Vegas To Gamble and Fuck Hookers

“It’s a chance for President Obama and his supporters to enjoy the city, and for those of us that didn’t support him, there are better places to be,” said Charlie Spies, a Republican lawyer and Mitt Romney supporter who, along with his wife, Lisa, have organized a trip to Las Vegas for nearly 100 Republicans over inauguration weekend -and without Romney who is still recovering from his Lobotomy

We just want to forget that fucking Mormon Moron getting us trashed with his big fucking stupid mouth!

AND we could all use a little down time gambling and fucking young Republican hookers.
 Got plenty of Oxycodeine for ALL my good white Christian brothers
 Rush Limbaugh is joining us so we know we'll have plenty of great drugs.

So we all hope that muslim nigger enjoys his inauguration.

the Blow Job That Changed The World -Thanks Monica!

You almost never hear any moral outrage anymore (except from some cookoo Priests and right wing morons) when we know or find out that a public official or someone running for office has been divorced -or got caught with some bimbo other than his wife.

This is progressive because about ninety five percent of men who have a BMI under 120 and an IQ over 120 will fuck a snake under the right conditions.

So thanks Monica and Bill!

That Blowjob single handedly upgraded our National Leadership and probably saved the World!