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Saturday, September 08, 2012

John (Casper)McCaine asked if he fucked Sarah Palin

On tour in Italy today McCaine was asked: "Did you screwa thata Sarah Palin?  --Isa thata whya you chosa thata moron to runa witha you."

"Heh heh" laughed McCaine "now Mario what kind of question is that -only The Italian press would ask a question like that-heh -heh"

"Wella senor McCaine you are a fina Senator and a smarta man -buta this putana she costa you The Presdency - evena The Americano's knowse an idiot whena they seesa one!"

"Heh heh heh Mario - she does have great titsa (as you would say) heh heh and legsa -heh heh - OH  -  AND i'll bet(as we like to say in Nevada ) she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!

heh heh heh

"Ah! managamia senor Senatore -you ara too red blooded for the Americanos!"

NOW we know!!!!

Those Sick Fucking Priests Just keep Coming After Our Kids

  NY Times excerpt  -"But in December 2010, Bishop Finn got some disturbing news: Father Ratigan had just tried to commit suicide by running his motorcycle in a closed garage. The day before, a computer technician had discovered sexually explicit photographs of young girls on Father Ratigan’s laptop, including one of a toddler with her diaper pulled away to expose her genitals."

Same old story -  another sicko man of god produced and nurtured and protected by The Vatican which has been producing sick fanatical and repressed Male Monstors for two thousand years.

The whole fucking place is filled with rot and corruption!

Poor Jesus!