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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner to Auction Bruce Jenner's Balls - Says Christies

Myron Clapper -Head of Christies Unique Auctions Division announced today;

"We have completed negotiations with Caitlyn Jenner for the exclusive rights to auction the testicles of his former self -Bruce Jenner."

Caitlyn said at a press conference at The Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC today:

"My former balls will be auctioned and with the enormous worldwide demand for what Christies calls these "Jewels of My Former Manhood" approaching records not seen since one of Angela Jolie's breasts sold for 80 million  - I could no longer resist their entreaties!"

The auction will be carried live on TLC as a part of their latest commitment to deep learning AND The 'Jewels" will be on display for two weeks ate their corporate headquarters in Shitsville ,South carolina.