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Sunday, July 07, 2013

"The Lone Ranger Vampire Hunter" with Tonto The Zombie

THAT version might have worked BUT Jerry Bruckheimer is way to old to understand the dementia going on inside GenY's heads -let alone the kids who will watch animation even if told their parents will not be home tonight because they were killed on the Freeway just hours earlier - "Oh that's so sad but we're still going to see 'Expendables 2" - aren't we grandma?"
 i guess i'm too old

I mean asking Bruckheimer to come up with cutting edge cinema for todays loony youth is like asking ME to design condoms for gay men - speaking of which -"Brokeback Lone Ranger" where The Lone Ranger cornholes Tonto in a hay stack would have been a box office smash!

OR even something funny like The Lone Ranger and Tonto starring Will Ferrel as a cross dressing  Ranger and Seth Grodin as an autistic Tonto and with Scarlett Johannsen as a nymphomaniac Medicine Women and Johnny Depp as a demented Preacher who cornholes barn animals. (shortage of Altar Boys back then)
  historic clunker