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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Voting For Schmucks By Red State Bible Belting Idiots -They Get What The DESERVE!

dave nelson

All the actions you identify (article below) as central to a future society which promotes general well being are doable with an electorate demanding leadership from competent leaders.
What we have instead is a red state electorate who want to elect leaders that are no more competent than themselves -limited in knowledge perspective clarity and worldview.
Their outlook is further poisoned by the exploiters - Oligarchs who exploit their fears along with Fox News and Religious Demagogues .
Money (Koch Bros) - Mass Media indoctrination (Fox) and Superstition (The Pulpit) work like a witches brew to insure that the GOP base vote against their very own interests and select incompetent political leaders who would not be elected Dog Catcher in a Blue State!