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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Romney To be Circumsized before Starting Rabbinical Studies

am sure god punished me -and denied me the Presidency because of my weirdo beliefs
Having renounced his Mormon faith and being accepted as a Rabbinical Student in Israel he didn't realize he had to undergo circumcision -he said today in Jerusalem:

"Well i'm not gonna let a little pain stop me from becoming a Hebrew Rabbi and escaping from that fucked up Mormon Church where i was punished by Yahweh -the Hebrew God for being a Pagan and was denied the Presidency."
OH and when my dick heals i'm gonna get some hot Jewish pussy  - Ann was sweet but couldn't suck a cock worth shit!
Happy Hanuckah

"Love Cannot be Silenced" -digibandit lyrics

Love Cannot be Slenced by Ignorant Fucking Priests
BUT -let's put a cock in their mouths
To make them happy
And give them Cornhole Feasts

Lincoln should have made Southerners Slaves after the Civil War

Anyone who owned slaves should have been turned over to a group of blacks for five years - maybe then you wouldn't see Confederate Flags still hanging in the shithole redneck South -and highways and schools named after fuckers like Davis and lee.

Lincoln was a pussy for letting them get away with their slavemaster horrors and Grant was a racist and pulled the troops out of the South so the blacks could get fucked up the ass by whitey for another 50 years.

Romney Converting to Judaism -Renounces Mormon Faith

 I'm Changing my robe and becoming a Rabbi
 what can we do mitt this goymitt?
Romney is headed to Israel to study with The Great Rebbe Manachem Silver Schwartenbacher and stated today: "The Mormon Church is based on bullshit and THEIR gods couldn't even get a Mormon elected President -A Mormon who has dedicated his life to them and was so close -so close -so close."He then paused for a crying spasm)

Ann Romney held a press conference with her 20 children and 200 grandchildren and said:

"I have started divorce proceedings and my family will have NOTHING further to do with this Mormon Jew loving traitor"