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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teapublicans Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Following are the issues important to so called Teapublicans - and if potential Republican candidates don't pass the test they don't get on the ballot: .

Will you pledge to vote against tax increases, even hidden taxes like those in health care reform? Should corporate executives who encourage illegal immigrants to stay because it is good for business be hauled off to jail? Do you believe manmade pollution is a significant contributor toglobal warming? (“I don’t necessarily think there’s been global warming,” one candidate objected.)

Each was asked to define the 10th Amendment, and to cite examples of where it “might have been violated.” “It’s my favorite amendment in the Constitution,” exclaimed one candidate, Ira Hoffman. “I can’t believe it!”

The amendment declares that powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the states or the people, and Tea Party activists hold that Congress has overstepped its bounds, particularly by legislating health care. So candidates were asked whether they would support efforts to nullify the health care bill?

SOOO -these fucking right wing Republican neanderthals with their Republican gun toting Tea Party Militias are taking over the Republican Party - AND -the Democrats Party leaders are thinking "This is the death knell for The Republicans for sure"

Well it ain't shaping up thataway folks - latest indicators are that the torches are being lit and the pitchfork's are coming out of the garages -AND -the great unwashed masses are on the move -and life ain't looking so rosy in our shortlived Progressive Democratic respite from Bushville.

Never you mind that the bailout saved the country - and if taxes are not raised local governments will be in virtual collapse -and the Feds HAVE to raise taxes to cover entitlements and reduce deficits and that Health Care Reform is absolutely essential -and that Global Warming is already at a calamitous level:

The ignorant rednecks are fired up BIG TIME ! And sound thinking and clarity ain't exactly their major strengths.

AND -There's an old saying about how any Nation is just two missed meals away from anarchy.

There's a lot of hungry folks out there! -And the good ole USA is up to it's eyeballs in shit!

AND -thats why Obama's initiative to tax the BANKS and WALL STREET and get back ALL the bailout money - is so critical!