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Monday, October 15, 2012

Butt Fucking Time for The Poor if The Republicans Prevail

All comprehensive economic studies forecast a future of exacerbating inequality (as an ever-increasing share of declining productivity growth goes to the top), the wealthy are acutely aware that the political threat to their status and comfort would come from rising popular demand for policies of income redistribution

The Republican Party is determined to protect the Bush tax cuts; to prevent tax hikes; to further cut domestic social spending; and, more broadly, to take a machete to the welfare state.
"The Poor are like Sheep"Ann Romney
Insofar as Republicans prevail in their twin aims of cutting – or even eliminating – social spending, and maintaining or lowering tax rates, they will have succeeded in obstructing the restoration of social insurance programs in the future.

Affluent Republicans – the donor and policy base of the conservative movement — are on red alert. They want to protect and enhance their position in a future of diminished resources. What really provokes the ferocity with which the right currently fights for regressive tax and spending policies is a deeply pessimistic vision premised on a future of hard times. 

This vision has prompted the Republican Party to adopt a preemptive strategy that anticipates the end of growth and the onset of sustained austerity – a strategy to make sure that the size of their slice of the pie doesn’t get smaller as the pie shrinks.
This is the underlying and inadequately explored theme of the 2012 election.

American Family Association is OUR Christian Taliban

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently added the American Family Foundation to its national list of active hate groups, which also includes neo-Nazis, black separatists and Holocaust deniers.

 The swirl around Mix It Up at Lunch Day whose objective is to relieve tensions and increase harmony among students reflects a deeper battle between the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil-rights group founded 41 years ago in Montgomery, Ala.,  

The American Family Association,  isa Bible-based cultural watchdog organization in Tupelo, Miss. The association says its mission is to fight what it calls the “increasing ungodliness” in America and that Mix It Up Day will bring "godly" kids into contact with "ungodly kids"

You just know when a group or individual starts talking about "increasing ungodliness" that the hypocrites and morons and hater demigogues are on the loose again.

Scariest thing about it is that these bible belting American Mullahs  pass that crap brainwashing Dogma down onto THEIR kids who just keep the crap flowing from generation to generation.

BUT -some good news -their numbers are diminishing as more and more of their offspring realize through the fog of their indoctrination that their parents are just fucking mean - ignorant - zealots!