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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pope Benedick Grabbed Condoleeza Rice's Ass In Vatican

"Pope Benedict XVI refused a recent request by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to discuss the Middle East and Iraq, Vatican sources say."

While everyone in the media is analyzing the reason for the Pope's snub of our Secretary of State ( The Iraq war -protection of Christians in Iraq - He's on vacation -yadadadadad) -- The bandit's Vatican reporter has the real scoop!

Esther Mandelbaum spoke to a close personal assistant to the Pope who told her off the record; "The Popa hasa always hadda the hotsa for Condi!"

He went on; "I hearda him tella Cardinal Luigi Pastavazool that he thoughta she had great legs and a tighta ass and nica tits."

The assistant went on to tell Ms. Mandelbaum that when the Pope was alone with Condi he grabbed her butt and Condi gave him a smack and called him a crazy wop !

And later that day he heard the Pope exclaim; "That black cunt will never set foot in the Vatican again!"

So there you have it --and why should anyone be upset about a little grab ass by the Pope -- when about half his priests are fucking little choir boys?

There's an old saying --the fish rots from the head down.