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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Barbara Bush Over- Heard Calling Jeb a Fcking Moron!

"Jeb has turned into a fcking moron like his Bible Belting brother!" said Barbara Bush to her best friend Muriel Waspkirk at The Kennebunckport Country Club.

Mildred Snatcher a reporter for The Moosehead Times was having lunch with a prominent local when she over heard the disparaging remarks about Jeb and George.

She said; 'Barbara was really fired up about the news that Jeb was relying on George for his Middle East  policy expertise."

I also heard her distinctly say; "That's like asking a pedophile to babysit for your young daughter -or to be more clear Priscilla ( her lunch companion) It's like asking a serial murderer to help you with anger control issues!"

I heard her sum up; "You know Mildred, forgive me for these crazy metaphors, but YOU know George is a fcking moron! -And now Jeb has demostrated what a schmuck he is too!"