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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Willie Robertson announces " Pussy Call Commander" - "Drives Women Wild!"

The company is still very much all in the family, with roughly 80 percent of its employees being related one way or another to the Robertson clan. Jase Robertson, another one of Phil and Kay's sons, also hand-makes duck calls for the company.
"I try to produce the sounds of the ducks I have heard in my ears, into this call. That's what I do all day long," he said. 

" SO - one day Willie says to me me -Jase-Can You make a Pussy Callcommander?"

'Well -i said -a duck call ain't nothin but a mating call which makes ducks wet and horny so why not just apply that to women!"

 Mona Raye
"Well i made one and we tested it out on Mona Raye and she went clear over to Elmo Plunkett's Cabin and almost tore his dick off! -And you know he ain't been laid since he raped that Jew from up North ten years ago -and he is so ugly he has to Rape his Barn Animals. "
  Willie announced today: "Well suffice it to say Jase made em and we did a lot of testing (hehheh) AND that any man -even a fat disgusting redneck -  can get women as fired up as a Mallard in heat.
Willie continued;"And i mean ready to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch! with this new HUMAN female duck call 
and A&E is gonna show ya's all how it comes out in the fall on "Pussy Call Commander"
 "It's gonna revolutionize Sex AND Television!"