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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Republican's Failed The American Asshole Detection Test -Simple as THAT

Herman Caine - Sarah Palin - Michelle Bachman - Newt Gingrich (recently found God) - Rick Santorum - Mike Huckabee  -you get my drift here i'm pretty sure.

They had their big moments in the sun and before long The American Asshole Detectors started screaming and POOF! - "Adios mother fuckers! We got your numbers!"

Now i'm not sure why most of the biggest assholes are Bible Belting Republicans?

My theory  is centered around sexual repression and anger management problems and the loss of imagination induced by religious brainwashing and problems with toilet training from obsessive Evangelistic  -Sin kinda preoccupied parents - BUT i won't go there for now.

Suffice it to say that your average fun loving American is on to these folks -and GOD bless their good old American - early warning asshole detectors.

OH -   and Romney The Religious Mormon and this Monkey faced Priest Paul Ryan? - Guess what?


Asshole Warning Light!!!