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Thursday, February 21, 2013

TLC Announces - "Queer For a Night"

The Lobotomy Channel -where Epistemology rules - has come up with another reality show designed to further our understanding of the universe and our true nature:

"Queer For a Night" 

 where a heterosexual group of men and women spend an evening with their gender "disengendered" in a luxurious spa hotel and experience sex as viewed from The Planet Queer. 

"all proceedings are videotaped in a very tasteful and discreet manner" said Julian Truffle head of programming at TLC.

 Truffel said; "Those who then decide to permanently switch their sexual  orientation to Queersville win prizes and get to participate in future "Very Queer Programs" on TLC

 He concluded -Those who remain "UnQueer" get new identities and free therapy for life."