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Monday, April 01, 2013

Lyndsay Lohan "I Want To Blow a Rabbi"

 Oye Vei! - That Might be very nice but not in Schule or on Sabath
Lyndsay said today in Hollywood "I think Rabbis and Hasidick Jews are sooo hot! -They don't like me BUT if converting to Judaism will help me to blow a Rabbi and get down with some Hasidick Hot guys  that's What i gotta do!"

Just after the rockets stopped falling on Sderot, Ashdod and Tel Aviv last November, another bomb exploded a week later in Hollywood. Judging from Twitter the day after its premiere, the Lifetime made-for-TV movie “Liz and Dick,” starring Lindsay Lohan as
screen legend Elizabeth Taylor, felt as urgent, significant and tragic as the war in Gaza.

Lohan is the successful child star who segued into teen hits and looked poised for a pretty decent career until she suddenly took a detour and became America’s Favorite Train Wreck, imploding spectacularly in full public view and with half a dozen mug shots to prove it. The Liz Taylor role was supposed to be her comeback, embodying the serious, complicated and glamorous actress she herself hoped to be.

Instead, it was a belly flop of epic proportions, one of the most maligned performances of the year, with critics and audiences seeming to take delicious pleasure it its total failure. Lohan was reportedly devastated by the reviews. But that hasn’t stopped her from continuing her quest to channel the Elizabeth Taylor deep inside her.
 Vuss a blow job?