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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Huckabee Should Start Healing Iowans - Says The Lord

With the Christian extremists in Iowa pleading for some sign of revelation from Minister Huckleberry - he has announced:

"I have been trying not to show off my healing powers during the campaign - but last night The Lord said that he and Jesus agreed that in the interests of getting me elected as President, - I now had a green light to heal some lame Iowans."

"I told the Lord that most of the Iowans were lame - he said to choose a half dozen of the lamest"

"I hope no one will think I'm showing off, but since God and Jesus say it's the right thing to do - i just have to go along with their plan and hope for the best."

"I asked the Lord if it was okay for me to heal my very fucked up son - but he said not to waste my time and that i had fucked him up so bad he couldn't be saved"

"I get the feelin that God is a dog lover."

PS --And for those of you who have been too busy shopping for more shit you don't need -- Google it up and read all about David Hucklebee. Ole Huckleberry raised a real winner here.(a dog torturer and was recently caught with a handgun going through airport security)