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Monday, February 11, 2013

Gotye is a Human Vagina - Perfect for Tween Appeal

 American Youth Has The Energy of A Dead Pussy

 this Gotye guy is a dead vagina
i wish i had some cock energy
Atmospherics: Slo-mo brooding; itchy bass; narcoleptic-turned-WAHWAHAH vocals. It starts out okay enough, then turns into four minutes of Gotye making sad faces and saying that his ex-girlfriend hurt his feelings because she didn't want to lay in the flowers at the park with him anymore or something.
Scientific Analysis: Look, Gotye, I get it: Breaking up sucks. But, dude, you're sounding like a real super vagina here. And super vaginas aren't scientifically accurate. Honestly, I'm not even sure what a super vagina is. I guess it might maybe be, like, a superhero that does a lot of Kegel exercises or whatever? I don't know. I know I looked through a science book for 45 minutes and the closest thing I could find was this regular vagina.