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Sunday, December 16, 2012

BlowGuns With Knockout Darts Should Replace Hand Guns


It's dark and someone has entered your house with a gun -now the odds of this happening are less than you getting hit by lightening and while you are stunned from the strike  -someone comes along and Cornholes you -    

BUT (oops)If it Should Happen -Fear Not:

It's easy -you slip into the room and hit him with the knockout dart fired from your blowgun - you call the police - you don't have to maim or kill anyone over some crap he might have taken - your kids can't go to school with your blowgun and mess up the whole auditorium - AND you save a ton of money and help set back The Gun Nuts at The NRA and the gun smugglers -and you can get back to nature with your kids and your blowgun - 

Become Pygmy Hunter Gatherers for a weekend and see how bonding that can be.