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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Suicide Bomber Returns From Paradise -Say's "It's a Real Shithole"

 welcome to paradise
"Osama Bin Tuchas has returned from Paradise and boy is he pissed off!" said Brigadier general Moishe Pipick a spokesman for Mossad. (Israeli's intelligence service)

He stated: "Osama arrived in paradise expecting his promised pool full of hot Virgins and all the other goodies The Shiite Muslim preachers said would be his if he blew up a Sunni wedding party but said Osama;"

The fucking pool was full of camel shit and the so called virgins were a bunch of fat fucking ugly -diseased whores from Tehran."

Osama went on; "I am the first suicide bomber to escape from their shithole of a Paradise and let me tell my Muslim Brothers - Paradise is a real crap hole -even WORSE than where you now live."

General Pipick said ;"This is gonna put a real crimp in the number of suicide freako pschopaths they can recruit.

"Sure will" said Osama -to say nothing of the fact that while i managed to escape -i have no arms or legs or cock -and only one ball."