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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Constipation - Sexual Repression and God

A toxic psychocombo which generates the demented frustrated profile of most Priests and Nuns - A cadre of psychos preying (a pun) on helpless children.

A LIVING organism is defined by it's ability to absorb nutrition/energy - dispose of it as waste matter - and to reproduce.

Priests and Nuns eat that crap bread they make and tons of potatoes (especially in Ireland - and they don't fuck .

So - on top of being constantly constipated and totally frustrated -as their brains scream for release - "A good dump please!" - "Some sex please!" - and absolutely convinced of their moral authority - it's:

"Let's kick the shit out of these nasty little future shitters and humpers!"

And while we have known for a long time that an Altar Boy in the good ole USA is nothing but a warm butthole to these "Men of God" - we now have some interesting news from the Emerald Isle - bastion of Roman Catholicism since St. Patrick first arrived in search of souls and buttholes.

For a milennium the poor beleaguered Irish - fucked over by every tribe who found the Celts easy pickings - sent their weakest and most doctrinely malleable offspring off into the bosom of their beloved church.

And those constipated and sexually repressed and blindly faithful servants of god grew up - and proceeded to torment the helpless little children in their care - for centuries!

And the church and the Irish authorities looked the other way.

So let's dedicate next St. Patricks day to all those poor little boys and girls who got fucked over by god's holy messengers:

And let's all pray that this ignorant asshole of a fucking Pope Benedick dies while trying to take a shit while jerking off.