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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oral Sex Surges During Recession -And OSD Divorces

"Men who report getting a blow job for the first time - and men who get blown more than five times a week are reporting dramatic breakthroughs in their oral sex lives.

And women who have never had a tongue in their pussy's - and women who are being eaten more than three times a week are also reporting dramatically new action."

So sayeth Dr. Moishe Pipick - head researcher at the Institute of Sexual Research in Berne , Switzerland. -- He continued:

"And butt hole stimulation - both with mechanical devices, and with the tongue - is jumping right off the chart!"

Elise Mandelbaum - digital lifestyle reporter - asked Dr. Pipick: "Doctor - is it possible that the world wide recession is having positive cultural effects through this apparent relaxation of repressed sexual attitudes - and where people are finding pleasure in non spending behavior?"

"Absolutely!" said Dr. Pipick; " I mean -it costs nothing to lick your mates asshole or balls - and it boosts the immune system -and it produces filial and familial harmony -and we have happier and better adjusted children

And a whole cascade of positive socio/cultural benefits!"

"Can you see any downside to all this sucking and licky loving?" -Asked Ms. Mandelbaum.

"Yes - said the Doctor - those who are not getting their quotient of this powerful form of sensitive contact - will seek it elsewhere - so we expect to see a dramatic increase in folks filing for divorce based on;

"Oral sex deprivation" - Or OSD