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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fox TV Announces "The Miss MiddleEast Contest - With Donald Trump

Fox TV president Moishe Pipick said at a press conference announcement in West Hollywood today:

“We sent Donnie to the Middle East after he came up with this idea of a programming extension of “The Miss America Contest” - And we were quite frankly very concerned as to the possibility of finding talent that was smart and had nice tits and legs and asses – because you never hear from or see any of the gals over there.”

He continued: ‘But the Donald assured us that he had seen some of the hottest women he has ever seen anywhere - in private clubs and exclusive whorehouses over there – and also felt that the show could help liberate the Muslim women and would even help the Israeli /Palestinian peace process.”

“Well boy did he come back with a bunch of hot Arab tomatoes!

"I mean - they make the Victoria Secret models look like Barbara Bush - No wonder those Muslims cover em up that way they do!”

Pipick concluded: “Anyway it’s gonna be a great show – and hopefully the beginning of a cultural breakthrough with the Arab Muslims – and their superhot women.”

“I’m already thinking – “The Desperate Housewives of Medina”