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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Massacre 2007

President Bush was overheard saying to VP Cheney ; " i'd like to have a Special Attack Team enter The House of Representatives while those traiterous bastards are votin against my war -- and give them a taste of that Massacre in 1929 -- those boys knew how to deal with rats!"

"Yep -- i'd like to be blasting away right next to them with my shotgun -- i'd give Nancy Pelosi both barrels in those big jugs of hers!." said Cheney.

Bush replied; " Heh! Heh! Dick -- the way you shoot you'd probably shoot a couple of White House aids -- or a Republican Congressman by mistake."

"Now George", replied Cheney ' You don't think that shooting was a mistake - do ya? -- Nobody hogs the field when i'm out hunting!"

The President "heh heh heh"