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Monday, February 12, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Up To Old Tricks With Sheep

When the Bandit expose (see posting "Limbaugh in Cotton") forced Limbaugh to refrain from shtupping and thus terrorizing one of his prize Sheep -- Cotton; He was ordered to keep at least 200 feet away from her stall until a final hearing.

Late last night the foreman Mel Manure who blew the whistle on Limbaugh the first time, heard cries coming from Cotton's stall ; "When i got there Russ was screaming -- you slut ! you know i need you! and he was trying to force her hind legs apart" -- said Mel . He went on "there was an empty Oxycotin bottle lying on the floor".

Limbaugh was placed in custody by the local ASPCA and will appear before a local Judge Next week -- stay tuned! ( a 24 hour watch has been placed on the confused and abused Sheep -- Cottton)