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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fox Announces "Green Card" Hosted By Paris Hilton

Once again those creative people over at Fox TV have found a way to provide a fun reality show with a positive social twist.

A group of fabulous looking men and women will compete for the affection of American citizens who have agreed to marry the winners - thereby gaining them LEGAL alien status.

Paris Hilton told the bandit Hollywood reporter today; "I'm so excited about doing something worthwhile in my fucked up life - some lucky illegals will get a chance to fuck their way into American citizenship thanks to Fox TV."

She continued; "I'm like the perfect host for this cool new show and i might even marry one of those wetbacks myself if he can really light up my G spot and get my crab grass under control"

President Bush upon hearing about the show said; "Heh heh -- well, you know the Fox news channel has been called the "Bush News Network" and they always know how to arrange the news just right for us real Americanos -- and now along comes this "Green Card" show which might just be the answer to the immigration problema we've been lookin for --hooray Fox!"

The contestants will spend a week at a resort with their potential future partners and will perform various housekeeping and landscaping and cooking and of course sex related activities.

Finally their will be wedding and"Green Card"ceremonies for the lucky winners -- presided over by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization. (and Paris of course)

The President of Mexico was overheard telling an aide; "I would love to fuck Paris Hilton in the burrito -- they can keep the green card"

God bless Fox television and America!